Selkirk FC as a club is committed to implementing a Community Engagement Policy developed by the committee in 2014. One requirement of the policy is to provide an archive, in the unfortunate absence of existing club records, charting the history of football in Selkirk. Inevitably the content of this site will creep into subjects from the wider Borders and East of Scotland football communities and will draw on a wide range of resources by others.

It is hoped that this site will be of interest to supporters of Selkirk FC, social and sports historians and those with an interest in family history.

We are keen to receive information and material relating to football in Selkirk from anyone who is able to provide it. Please contact us using the button below if you are able to provide content for the site. We will credit you when the final post is created. Wherever possible we will credit the source of our information and are already indebted to Keith Anderson the late Graham Bateman for the generous and invaluable input to club history over the years.